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Join us Monday, March 18th, 2024 at 7:45 pm for our monthly Music Studio General Meeting via ZOOMWe will be joined by Post-Secondary Advisor, Erica Blum. If you are unable to attend, please send your questions to or before 6pm. The meeting will be recorded and shared as soon as the recording becomes available. You'll find the meeting minutes in the March 25th edition of Music Monday.

Meeting ID: 812 7253 1422
Passcode: 329614




 February Highlights



Spotlighting The Music Studio's Own Dr. Daryl Jordan


Reprinted from the Yellowsheet 2.2.24


"As we enter Black History Month and share the amazing contributions of African Americans and African American culture to the American tapestry, Our own Vocal music instructor Dr. Darryl Jordan will be featured as researcher in an upcoming documentary titled GOSPEL by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of "Finding Your Roots" and "Black Church" documentary fame and party to the infamous "Beer Summit" called by President Obama with him and Sgt. James Crowley who brutally and falsely arrested him, has a new docu-series titled, GOSPEL. Here is a description below:

Dig deep into the origin story of Black gospel music, coming out of slavery, blending with the blues tradition, and soaring to new heights during the Great Migration. From Mahalia to Kirk Franklin, in the last century, gospel music has become the dominant form of African American religious expression and provided a soundtrack of healing and uplift to those at the front lines of protest and change.

The documentary will air February 12 & 13 on PBS and a special companion gospel concert on February 9.  This documentary cuts across all our understanding of American culture and the powerful ways we continue to forge paths of justice and equity. It is truly a must-see event!"






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Show Dates

As soon as concerts are announced for 2023-2024 they will be posted here!

 * unless notated, all concerts take place in the Concert Hall at 6:30 pm*



To purchase tickets for all shows, visit:



Posters from 2023-24 Performances









 Posters from 2022-23 Performances
















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 News from the Music Studio


Behind the Scenes!


Your Music Studio board is a group of parent volunteers elected to represent the interests of Music Studio families to the LaGuardia Parents Association (PA) and to LaGuardia’s Music Department, and the opportunities and requirements of LaGuardia’s Music Department to families. Our goals are to support our Vocal and Instrumental students, and to assist in the school’s mission to educate and inspire our young musicians. We also provide financial support for Music Department needs. Please join us in supporting the unique talents of our children! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to get involved.




Whether you're a new or returning family of an Instrumental or Vocal student, we're excited to share this school year with you at LaGuardia Arts HS, where formative learning experiences, exceptional performance opportunities, and boundless personal growth create unique harmonies. TO BE IN THE KNOW about your teenager's LaG life - classes, practices/rehearsals, clubs, sports, concerts/shows, the wider LaG Arts community and more - we're here to help with monthly Music Studio meetings (in person and on zoom) and weekly Music Monday newsletters.


Your board is comprised of Instrumental Rep: Rebecca Sherman; Vocal Co-Reps: Marcee Smith and Diane Vasquez; Co Corresponding Secretaries: Tauheedah Yasin and Michael Goldsman, Recording Secretary: Laetitia Ducroux, Assistant Recording Secretary: Abhilasha Mahan, Treasurer: Barbette Leonard/Treasurer Assistant Vanessa Enriquez, Merchandise Director: Marcee Smith and Merchandise Coordinator Diane Vasquez;  Volunteer Coordinators: Sherry Stuart Berman and Sonya Houston. 

See below for contact details.


IMPORTANT: in order to receive Music Monday (our weekly newsletter) or important email blasts you MUST join our PA directory ASAP and OPT IN to receive the info you need. Click here to go to the LaGuardia HS PA site where you can create an account on Membership Toolkit (the backend). Once you sign up and fill out the forms, you will get emails from the PA and Music Studio!


BOTH parents/guardians AND students can OPT IN, which helps to ensure that you and your student(s) won't miss a beat! Much information shared through Music Monday newsletters benefits students, and allowing them direct access to that information empowers them to take responsibility for their LaG experience.



Music Studio Merchandise 

Our online store is OPEN!!!

Merchandise is for pick-up only, at LaGuardia, during scheduled merchandise sales.

Please email for scheduled pick-up times.

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 Volunteer & Donate  

How can you help?

Donate to the Music Studio (scan QR code above)

Volunteer  (this will only work if you have created an account on the LaGuardia HS Parents Association site.)



Music Studio PA Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2023

October 16, 2023

November 20, 2023

December 18, 2023

January 8, 2024

February 12, 2024




Music Studio Department Contacts

Music Studio Assistant Principal
Benjamin Schott



Krystyna Berman
Kevin Blancq
Jonathan Bloomfield
David Blumenthal

Rocco Carbone

Leonardo Freire

John Hamilton
Kimberly Roof
Dr. Valentina Shohdy

Roslyn White



Robert Apostle
Jana Ballard
Jeanne Cascio

Victor Clark
Dawn Jones
Dr. Darryl Jordan

Dr. Christopher Koelzer

Flora Kirou
Jonah Piali
Mary Ann Swerdfeger


LaG Music Curriculum

Vocal Studio and Instrumental Studio course sequence for the 2023-2024 school year: 

2023 - 2024 Instrumental Music Course Sequence

2023 - 2024 Vocal Music Course Sequence


Music Studio Board

General Inquiries


2023-2024 Music Studio Board members (elected)


Vocal Reps
Marcee Smith
Diane Vasquez


Instrumental Rep

Rebecca Sherman



 Music Studio Non-elected positions

Music Studio Treasurer: Barbette Leonard

Music Studio Assistant Treasurer:  Vanessa Enriquez

Music Studio Merchandise Manager: Marcee Smith

Music Studio Merchandise Director: Diane Vasquez




Music Studio Newsletter and Webpage Editor: Tauheedah Yasin & Rebecca Sherman

 Music Studio Corresponding Secretaries: Tauheedah Yasin & Michael Goldsman

Music Studio Recording Secretaries: Laetitia Ducroux & Abhilasha Mahan

Music Studio Volunteer Coordinators: Sherry Stuart Berman & Sonya Houston



Pandemic Music Studio Performances

New Music Ensemble Virtual Winter Premier 2021

Gospel Chorus Virtual Winter Concert 2021


LaGuardia Senior Jazz Band 2020



LaGuardia Senior Chorus 2021