Welcome to the LaGuardia HS Parents Association!


We are the parents of scholars, artists, actors, dancers, singers, instrumentalists, and theater technicians. We support our incredibly hard-working, smart and talented students by giving our time, our money, and our boundless energy.


Our mission as outlined in our bylaws is to support our dual mission school by providing funds, resources and opportunities to enrich our student’s LaGuardia experience. 


The PA is open to all parents and guardians of current LaGuardia High School students without dues or fees. PA meetings take place once a month during the school year, with one hour devoted to studio meetings and one hour to general meetings.


We invite all parents/guardians to attend our monthly meeting and we encourage everyone to get involved. No amount of time is too much or too little.  There is something for everyone. 





We suggest donating $500 to the General PA and $250 to your student's studio. 

For credit card donations: 

General Pa

Art Studio

Dance Studio

Drama Studio

Music Studio

Tech Studio

*To pay by check or Zelle, please contact communications@laguardiahspa.org

**Many employers offer matching gifts. Contact your Human Resources department to see how you could double or triple your donation!