Parents of students currently attending LaGuardia High School are automatically members of the PA. The term "Parents" includes parents by birth or adoption, step parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents, and person in parental relation to a child currently attending LaGuardia High School. However, members of the Supervisory Staff at LaGuardia High School (principals, assistant principals and supervisors) and may not be members of the PA, in accordance with the Chancellor's Regulation A-660 definitions. 


Every parent of a student currently enrolled at the school shall be entitled to a single vote during any in-person or virtual meetings. However, that right may be limited by the Conflicts of Interest restrictions outlined in Chancellor's Regulation A-660. 


The election of officers must be conducted at an in-person meeting or using a virtual remote platform (VRP). Elections at a hybrid meeting are prohibited. Voting by proxy, absentee ballot, or email is prohibited. 


PA members who are employed by LaGuardia High School are not eligible to serve as members of the executive board or nominating/election committee of the PA, even if they have a child in the school.