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Originally delivered on 5/21/2023 8:34 pm

SUBJECT: SNN - 5/21/23 - BUY BENEFIT Tickets; and Philharmonic Semi-Annual Concert

Issue 36, May 21, 2023
Town Hall Meeting (in-person)

Please join us for a Town Hall Meeting with Acting Interim Principal Michelle Mathesius. 

May 30th, 6pm-7pm, Room 205. In person, not on zoom!

PA 2023-24 Executive Board Spring Election Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our PA Executive Board elections last Wednesday night.

Let's congratulate and welcome our newly elected officers for the 2023-2024 school year:

Tracy Ballas

Lu Zhao

Assistant Treasurer
Jeremy Goss

Audit Officer
Peter Berlingof

First VP-elect, Communications
Sara Aros

Second VP-elect, Engagement & Hospitality
Crystal McGuckin

Third VP-elect, Fundraising
Sherry Maher

Academic Forum

Jane Berk

Jeanette Cochrane
Tai Hernandez McShane
Limor Nesher

School Leadership Team
Camille Casaretti
Katherine Miller

Thanks to each of them for stepping up to serve our school community. 

Terms for elected officials starts on July 1, 2023. We appreciate all of the candidates who ran for office, as well as everyone who joined us to vote.

Special thanks and gratitude to Parent Coordinator Jerianna Phenix and Assistant Principal Mark Stricklin for their time and support, and to our team of election volunteers.

Please note, there will be an expedited election in the fall to fill the remaining PA Executive Board positions:

  • Recording Secretary
  • Class Representatives (one per grade)
  • SLT Freshman Representative
ALL SCHOOL - Annual Benefit & Auction, 6/6/23
EARLY BIRD prices END MONDAY, 5/22 @ 9:00am.

Get your tickets before prices increase! 



Please contact the committee with any questions:

EARLY BIRD prices END MONDAY, 5/22 @ 9:00am.

Get your tickets before price increase!



Please contact the committee with any questions:

MUSIC STUDIO - Spring Semi-Annual, June 9 & 10
Thank you for all of your submissions!

Review of all applications has begun and all acts will be notified in one week! 

We are excited to bring Rising Stars back to the school this year!!

Academic Forum

College Process Best Practices Q&A

When: Monday, June 12, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Join Class of 2023 parents and guardians as they answer questions about the college application experience from their personal perspectives. 

Where: Zoom

Academic Approach SAT summer tutoring offer

ACADEMIC APPROACH will be offering another SAT test prep series this summer at the special rate of $400 for LaG students! The late afternoon/summer hours being offered have been specially timed by Academic Approach  to accommodate students who might have summer jobs  or internships. Twenty-four hours of instruction over the course of six weeks  are customized to target skills and strategies most necessary for their success. Lessons include reading annotation, math problem-solving, grammar and rhetorical skills with a rigorous emphasis on their application on the standardized tests. Two practice tests are also included. Find more about the LaG discount and schedules here.

Contact Academic Forum

Jane Berk, Joslin Paradise, AnneMarie Tamis-Nasello, Joy Bassini

Office Hours 

Every Friday -  10:30 - 11:30 AM

LINK to office hours

Track & Field

The LaGuardia girls team came out in their numbers on Sunday May 14th at the Ichan Stadium and gave their mothers a special gift for the special Borough Championship Event! The Lady Lions finished 3rd place behind Hunter College and Stuyvesant and received the special award plaque. Congratulations to the entire track team for being awarded this special plaque, it was indeed a team effort! Special shout outs to our senior leadership team who will be graduating this year. Neveah Hull, Lucia Tsurumaki, Zora Charles and Marcela Carver! Go Lions!!!!


All teams in season can purchase merchandise HERE

Donors Choose

Thank you for your continued donations in support of LaGuardia teachers and students!

Mx. Shea still needs our help to get woodworking tools to help advanced scenic carpentry students with lathe projects.

Please visit our DonorsChoose page and share with your family and friends.  Anyone can contribute and all donations are tax deductible.

Your contributions and/or sharing of these links is greatly appreciated!

Senior Families / Class of 2023
Junior Families / Class of 2024

To join our WhatsApp group, please click here

Thank You! Erica Reaves

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this WhatsApp discussion forum are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Parents Association or School Administration.

Sophomore Families / Class of 2025

A WhatsApp group chat has been organized for class of 2025 parents/guardians. Please share your name and your student’s studio when you join. 

Click here to join 2025 LaG Families WhatsApp Group.

Click here to join the Sophomore families Google group. Please state your name, your child’s name and studio in the "reason for joining" box when asking to join the group.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these forums are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Parents Association or School Administration.

Freshman Families / Class of 2026

Join the 2026 Families WhatsApp Chat

Join the 2026 Families Facebook Group

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these forums are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Parents Association or School Administration.


Click on the SECTION LINKS for details about the latest and greatest happenings in each studio. 

Art PA May Meeting 

MONDAY, May 22nd, 7:00pm

Join us for Art PA Elections and our Senior Parent Panel "Lessons Learned in the College Search Process" 

Zoom Link


Tracy Ballas & Marie Wolpert
Art Studio Co-Representatives

PA Art Studio Newsletter
PA Art Studio Webpage
LaGuardia Arts HS Fine Arts Studio

Hello Dance families!  Hope you had a terrific time at class observations this past week!  It was so awesome to be back in the studio seeing our kids dance! Next up is the Senior Dance Concert on June 2/3/4 - come see our amazing seniors and an awesome show! Tickets can be purchased HERE.


Courtney Potts & Heide Valero
Dance Studio Co-Representatives

Instagram: @dance_lag
PA Dance Studio Webpage
LaGuardia Arts HS Dance Studio

Check out the Drama Studio Page for latest performance info


Daniel Ott & Emily Yoshikawa
Drama Studio Co-Representatives

PA Drama Studio Merch Store
PA Drama Studio Webpage
LaGuardia Arts HS Drama Studio

Join us in person!

What: Music Studio General Meeting

When: Tuesday, May 23 at 7 p.m.

Where: Room 205

Enjoy a student band performance, meet Parent Coordinator Jerrianna Phenix, and discuss Summer Rising and Class Scheduling with AP of Music, Ben Schott

Don't miss it!


Marcee Smith & Christian O'Connor
Vocal Co-Representative

Rebecca Sherman & Monique Johnson
Instrumental Co-Representative

PA Music Monday Newsletter
PA Music Studio Merch Store
PA Music Studio Webpage
LaGuardia Arts HS Music Studio

Text LAGMUSIC to 44321 to donate today! 

Be on the Tech Studio leadership team next year! Find out more HERE

Tech is selling merch & concessions at final SDF shows. Sign up to volunteer HERE.


Louisa Chafee & Rina Cohen Schwartz
Tech Studio Co-Representatives

PA Tech Studio Minutes
PA Tech Studio Merch Store
PA Tech Studio Webpage
LaGuardia Arts HS Technical Theater Studio

Post-Secondary Specialist

Allison Kleiman

Post-Secondary Specialist

Room 233

(212) 496-0700 x 2233

Weekly Zoom meetings at 9 am and 12:30 pm

Weekly Zoom Archives

Maia Learning for 11th  and 12th grade students and families

Compass Prep Testing Guide

11th and 12th Grade Google Classroom Codes: 

Class of 2023: trpcmui 

Class of 2024: j2kozj2

Parent Coordinator News

Donuts & Coffee Outreach

The first Friday of every month, parents/guardians are invited to come to my office, Room 211, for Donuts & Coffee Outreach. Parents can stop by anytime between 7:45AM and 10:45 AM. 

For parents/guardians who can't visit in-person, I will have Zoom office hours between 1:00PM and 4:00PM on the same days.

Check you inbox for an email from Jerrianna containing ZOOM links.

Jerrianna Phenix

Parent Coordinator

(212) 496-0700 x7209

Outside Opportunities
Casting Call

NYU Grad Film Thesis Candidate, Manya Glassman, is casting her 20 minute short thesis film, How I Learned to Die.


  • Filming sometime between November 16-30, 2023 in Providence RI. Travel, meals, housing will be provided.
  • This is a coming of age story about a 15 year old girl named Iris, who finds out there's a 60% chance she may die in 4 days. 

Looking for:

  • A STRONG lead, Iris (15 year old, resilient, kind of funny, thoughtful and mature for age)
  • The boyfriend, Drew (17 years old, goofy-football jock)
  • The best friend, Kara (15 years old, (ideally someone Asian) grounded and wise, but hides her anxiety)

Auditions will be held in-person and/or on zoom in late May. If interested in auditioning, please contact: Manya Glassman, or 401-743-1315.

To submit opportunities or help compile this list weekly, please email us at

Contact Executive Board and School Leadership Team

For questions about, and/or to submit content for consideration in SNN, please email:

DISCLAIMER: The LaGuardia High School Parents Association Inc (LAGHSPA) and its officers and elected members do not endorse third-party content shared in our communications, nor do they profit from third-party promotions featured in our communications.

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