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Originally delivered on 10/1/2023 7:42 pm


Issue 6, October 1, 2023

10/18/23 @6:30pm, Zoom
11/14/23 @6:30pm, LaGuardia
12/13/23 @6:30pm, Zoom
1/16/24 @6:30pm, Zoom
2/13/24 @6:30pm, Zoom
3/20/24 @6:30pm, LaGuardia
4/17/24 @6:30pm, LaGuardia
5/15/24 @6:30pm, Zoom (Elections)
6/12/24 @6:30pm, LaGuardia



Marking Period 1 - ends Friday, Oct 20, 2023 

Grades are reported as P, D or F. 

P = Passing (71-100) 

D = In Danger of Failing (65-70) 

F = Failing (0-64) 

Marking Period 2 - ends Friday, Dec 1, 2023

Grades reported as numeric marks

Passing grades are 65 - 100

Failing grade is reported as 55 

Marking Period 3 - ends Friday, January 19, 2024 

Grades reported as numeric marks

Passing grades are 65 - 100

Failing grade is reported as 55 

Marking Period 3 is the FINAL grade reported to the transcript



Marking Period 1 - ends Friday, March 8, 2024 

Grades reported as numeric marks 

Passing grades are 65 - 100 

Failing grade is reported as 55 

Marking Period 2 - ends Friday, April 19, 2024 

Grades reported as numeric marks 

Passing grades are 65 - 100, in 1-point intervals 

Failing grade is reported as 55 

MARKING PERIOD 3 (FINAL mark reported to the transcript) - ends Thursday, June 13, 2024

Passing grades are 65 - 100

Failing grade is reported as 55 

Marking Period 3 is the FINAL grade reported to the transcript


HELP US REACH $300,000!

We suggest donating $500 to the General PA and $250 to your student's studio. For credit card donations, please use links below. If you are donating to both the General PA and a studio, you will need to make two separate transactions. 

General PA
Art Studio
Dance Studio
Drama Studio
Music Studio
Tech Studio Please write your name and student's name in the note section. 

Check: Payable to LaGuardia HS PA; mail to LaGuardia HS PA, 100 Amsterdam Ave, NY, NY 10023


We are aiming for 100% participation from LaGuardia families.

We welcome donations of ANY size!


Families are welcome to email Erica Blum at with questions or to set up a meeting. Seniors should also be meeting with their guidance counselors. Below is a list of college reps scheduled to visit LaGuardia in the coming weeks. These visits take place in the principal's conference room. Please contact Ms. Blum or visit her Google Classroom to RSVP for the visits. Students can join Ms. Blum's Google Classroom using the links HERE

Upcoming College Fairs
Academic Forum Officers

Jane Berk
Jeanette Cochrane
Tai Hernandez McShane
Limor Nesher


The PSAT will be given on October 14th (see current  Yellow Sheet for details). In addition to providing practice for SATs, students with qualifying scores may be eligible for National Merit Scholarships. The test will be digital, and as such, AA is offering a comprehensive training session called "PSAT: from Paper to Pixel". The program provides 3 hours of one-on-one  tutoring to introduce students to the new digital PSAT. To sign up, visit HERE

Academic Approach offers complimentary practice tests for both SAT and ACT tests and will assess your students strengths and weaknesses. 

Private one-on-one tutoring services are available for both SAT and ACT at discounted rates for LaGuardia students. 

Classroom college test prep courses are offered again in early 2024 (current session sign-up is now closed) and will include 24 hours of class time as well as 3 practice tests. To learn more, please visit HERE.  Please contact the Academic Forum for financial support if necessary (available one time only to Juniors and Seniors). 

*see disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter


Thank you for fully funding Mr. Carbone's recent project request for a large format printer, and Ms. O'Keefe's recent project request for basic supplies for the classroom.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and lower enrollment numbers, many teachers are lacking the funds to fully support their classrooms and the students as they would like. DonorsChoose is a great way to help teachers fund their classroom needs! Currently, there are 12 LaG projects requesting funding.

Please visit our DonorsChoose page to view all project requests and share with your family and friends. Anyone can contribute and all donations are tax deductible.

Your contributions and/or sharing of these links is greatly appreciated!

Class of 2024

Senior Class Representative, Jamie McShane, 

Class of 2025

Junior Class Representative, Victoria Rodriguez 

If you are a parent/guardian of a 2025 student at LaGuardia, please join the 2025 Parent/Guardian Whatsapp chat group. All Studios. The intent is to share useful info and support each other.

Class of 2026

Sophomore Class Representative, Lindsey Manley 

Class of 2027

Freshman Class Representative, Shira Eisenberg 


Kristin Leigh & Caroline Andoscia
Art Studio Co-Representatives
Art Department Webpage
PA Art Studio Newsletter
PA Art Studio Webpage

First Art Studio PA meeting! 
Monday, 10/2 @ 7:00 PM
Zoom link

We will continue sending reminders.  Principal Marwah will be joining us! Our Assistant Principal of Fine Art Heather O’Connell will be there to discuss her plans for the Fine Art Studio this year. Other agenda items include the Art Studio budget, fundraising plans, visiting artist program and other studio items. If you have something to add to the agenda, please reach out to us. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

Volunteers needed
Visiting Artist Coordinator: Help bring professional artists into our classroom to meet students
Merchandise Coordinator: Help design, order, and maintain inventory of Art Studio merch.
Fundraising Support: Help us raise money for studio supplies, field trips, and equipment. 

Please email us with your suggestions. 

Erica Schohn & Joslin Paradise
Dance Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Dance Studio Webpage

Please join us for our annual "Meet the Teachers" meeting on October 3rd from 5:30-6:30.

This meeting will be held both in person and on zoom (zoom link will follow before the meeting). At this meeting, the Dance Department APs will also be providing updates on new program initiatives for the upcoming year. We encourage those who are available to join us in person; dance merchandise will be available to buy for $10 and $20 and there will be an opportunity for a social get together for parents after the meeting.  

Also, we have created a WhatsApp group for dance parents of all grade levels. Please join using the following link:

Sarah Ireland & Sara Brunetti
Drama Studio Co-Representatives
Laguardia HS Drama Studio Webpage

Senior headshots sign-up

Drama seniors will receive FREE headshots courtesy of the Drama Studio PA and Stomping Ground Photo! The shoot date is 10/21. (Limited times available on 11/07 - please only choose this date if necessary.) 

Go to Stomping Ground Photo to sign up! The deadline to register is 10/10.

Thanks to all who attended out first PODS meeting!

Help us welcome the new members to the Drama Board.

  • Recording Secretary - Liz Dailey
  • Secretary of Communication - Sharon Marcus
  • Treasurer - Heather Smith
  • Freshman Class Drama Studio Co-Reps - Sabrina Chosed and Mindy Greenberg 
  • Sophomore Class Drama Studio Rep - L. Scott
  • Junior Class Drama Studio Rep - Andre Daquigan
  • Senior Class Drama Studio Rep - We need you!
  • Merchandise Team - Carola Grunberg, L. Scott, Jeff & Michelle Sadowsky

Get connected! We'd love to have you involved. Please create an account HERE to receive communication from the Drama Studio, and you'll automatically receive emails based on your student's grade and studio. 

Marcee Smith & Diane Vasquez
Music Studio Vocal Co-Representatives

Rebecca Sherman
Music Instrumental  Representative
LaGuardia HS Music Studio Webpage

Save the date!
Music Studio in-person meeting 
When: Thursday, October 12th, 2023 at 7pm; doors open at 6:45pm
Where: 6th floor library (located on the north side of the building)

To receive communication from the Music Studio, create an account HERE. You will automatically be subscribed to emails and newsletters based on your student's grade and studio. 

Rina Cohen Schwarz & Cynthia Solis Yi
Tech Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Tech Studio Webpage
Tech Studio Merchandise

Join our Tech Studio WhatsApp chat:

You can find great info (and probably answers to many of your Tech Studio questions) on the Tech page: click here. We need some volunteers to help clear out the storage unit near the school on a TBD Saturday in October. We'll announce the date in our Tech Newsletter & in the WhatsApp chat. 

We are actively looking for volunteers to round out our Tech Studio board. Positions include: 

  • Merchandise Chair of Inventory to manage inventory and place orders. We have a great merchandise team in place to help sell, sort and design. 
  • Grant Writer for technical equipment and production items.
  • Volunteer Chair to help create spreadsheets to organize volunteers for in-school events.
  • Fundraising Committee members to brainstorm ways to help the Tech Studio raise much needed funds.

-Annie, Carmen, Cynthia, Rina & Rosalie


If you are a Parent/Guardian of a student with an IEP or 504 at LaGuardia, please join our Whatsapp chat group. The purpose is support each other with questions/concerns related to our student’s IEP or 504 at LaGuardia.

If you have any general IEP or 504 related questions or concerns that you would like to bring to the LaGuardia Parent Association VP of Special Education, please email

If you have any specific questions related to your student’s teachers or scheduling or programs, please contact the appropriate staff, faculty, or administrator at LaGuardia. 

Casting Call

Eric Zhang, NYU MFA Film student, writer and director is looking to cast two teenagers in his upcoming short film "Polaroid." Synopsis: an isolated teenage boy, Henry, who writes judgmental comments on the polaroid pictures he takes of strangers, develops an unexpected connection with a free-spirited girl. Rehearsals in November and December. Shoot dates are currently 1/13/24 - 1/17/24. This project is part of the SAG Micro-budget Agreement. Payment is deferred. Contact Eric at or 412-480-6182. 

Mark Morris Dance Group invites students aged 15-21 to apply for their Arts Immersion Fellowship to develop career skills in the arts, including management, marketing, choreography, producing and more. Apply by 10/2/23.

Art College Night at The Whitney Teens are invited to Art College Night at the Whitney Museum. Meet representatives from colleges with studio art, art history, and art education programs. Learn about scholarship opportunities, college essay writing tips, and much more. Plus, receive a live professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. 10/6/24 @ 4-6 pm.

For more outside student opportunities, click HERE.


Jerrianna Phenix

Parent Coordinator

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