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Originally delivered on 9/17/2023 8:31 pm

SUBJECT: SNN 9/17: Election, voting,

Issue 4, September 17, 2023
Special Election Meeting

Monday, September 18th

6:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

This meeting is solely for conducting expedited elections. No other topics will be discussed during this meeting. 


Every parent/guardian with a registered student at LaGuardia is eligible to vote.  If both parents/guardians want to vote, you must join the meeting separately. 


STEP 1: Find your student's school ID/OSIS number BEFORE the meeting starts. The easiest way to find it is to just ask your student to look at their LaGuardia ID card. 

STEP 2: After joining the Zoom, you must rename yourself by entering the last 4 digits of your student's school ID/OSIS number in place of your name. If both parents are voting, add A and B after the 4 digits.

If you have not renamed yourself with the last 4 digits of your student's ID/OSIS number, you cannot vote. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Zoom room will open at 5:30 PM, one hour before the start of the meeting. We highly recommend joining the meeting early if you need help finding your student's school ID number or renaming yourself. 

Open Positions

All current parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to run for Parent Association and Student Leadership Team (SLT) positions. All nominations will be accepted the evening of the meeting. Candidates can nominate themselves or have someone else nominate them. Candidates will have 90 seconds to introduce themselves and explain why they are interested in the position. If you would like to run for a position but can’t make the meeting, please reach out to president@laguardiahspa.orgso we can make sure you are on the ballot. 

Open Position Descriptions

Recording Secretary: Maintain the official record of the proceedings and actions of all PA and Executive Board meetings and will maintain custody of the PA' s and Executive Board's records and reports. Record all virtual and hybrid meetings, prepare minutes of each PA and Executive Board meeting, and distribute minutes of PA meetings prior to or at the next PA meeting for review and approval. Provide PA and Executive Board members with notices through email, distribute meeting agendas and previous meeting minutes and financial reports prior to or at each meeting, provide sign-in sheets at each PA and Executive Board meeting, post adopted minutes on the PA website. Sign and incorporate all amendments into the bylaws and will ensure that copies of the amended bylaws are posted on the PA website and on file in the principal's office. Must make arrangements to provide to the newly elected recording secretary the PA's bylaws, meeting notices, agendas, and minutes from both general membership and Executive Board meetings.

VP Engagement & Hospitality: Responsible for engaging the entire parent body on matters of interest to LaGuardia High School families, encouraging participation in PA activities, and offering volunteer opportunities. Chairs the hospitality and volunteer committee(s) and recruits the heads of these committees from the general PA. The responsibilities of each of these committees will be outlined in an operating manual. Responsible for the support of student clubs and athletic teams - this can be provided by the VP of Engagement & Hospitality or by individuals or committees reporting directly to the VP. The Vice President attends monthly Executive Board meetings and General PA meetings. Examples of programs that fall under this position are New Student Orientation, Staff Appreciation Breakfast, and Red Carpet Welcome Back Event.

VP Special Education: The VP of Special Education is the parent or guardian of a student with an IEP or 504 and is responsible for helping the LaGuardia community to better understand the special education services entitled to students and help to advocate for IEP/504 students. The VP will gather concerns from families with students with disabilities and will share this information with the principal and assistant principals. The VP will set up workshops/webinars related to special education. The Vice President attends monthly Executive Board meetings and General PA meetings to give updates related to special education. The Vice President will organize special education committee meetings once a month for families in LaGuardia's special education community. This position will communicate with the leaders of the student government as needed and serve as a liaison with guidance staff on ways to help students with 504/IEPs and their families with the college admissions process.

Class Representatives: There will be four (4) officers: one (1) representing the senior class, one (1) representing the junior cass, one (1) representing the sophomore class, and one (1) representing the feshman class. Class representatives attend monthly Executive Board meetings and General PA meetings. The Senior Class Representative spearheads fundraising efforts to raise money for senior class specific events. Other responsibilities can include organizing parent meet ups, volunteering at school-wide events and answering questions from your constituencies.

Student Leadership Team – Freshman Parent Representative and IEP/504 Representative: The mission of the SLT is to develop policies and strategies that support each student and uphold the current mission statement of the school, which states: “The mission of this extraordinary specialized high school is to provide all students with conservatory-level arts training coupled with rigorous academics.” The SLT meets once a month during the school year. Please see the SLT bylaws for more information. 


We suggest donating $500 to the General PA and $250 to your student's studio. For credit card donations, use the links below. If you are donating to both the General PA and to a studio, you will need to make two separate transactions. 

General PA
Art Studio
Dance Studio
Drama Studio
Music Studio
Tech Studio

You can also donate by: 

Zelle: Please write in the note section who the donation is from and your student's name. 

Check: Please make checks payable to the LaGuardia High School PA and mail checks to: LaGuardia High School Parents Association, 100 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY 10023

First General PA Meeting

Wednesday, September 27th

6:30 PM

Zoom link will be sent out closer to meeting date.


HELLO FROM THE ACADEMIC FORUM! With one full week already under our belts, the Academic Forum of LaGuardia would like to officially welcome you all back to the 2023-24 school year, and especially extend our heartiest congratulations to the incoming freshman class! We hope you have already begun to soak up the galvanizing spirit of the wonderful LaGuardia community! The Academic Forum members are: TaI Herandez (Senior/Music), Jeanette Cochrane (Senior/Vocal), Jane Berk Junior/Art), Limor Nesher (Sophomore/Vocal). You can contact us at:


The PSAT will be given in October. It provides practice for the SATs and students with qualifying scores will be eligible for National Merit Scholarships. 

Academic Approach* will be offering LaGuardia students substantially discounted rates for a wide range of services to help them prepare for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Click HERE to check out everything Academic Approach offers to LaGuardia students. 

*See DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the newsletter.


Thank you for fully funding Ms. Dombrowski's most recent project for muslin so that students can drape and create patterns for costume design, and Ms. Greene's most recent project for new volleyball supplies for the LaGuardia volleyball teams.

Ms. Ross's project request for a laser printer to assist students in their artmaking process is close to being fully funded. Only $153 to go!

Please visit our DonorsChoose page to view all 13 project requests and share with your family and friends. Anyone can contribute and all donations are tax deductible.

Your contributions and/or sharing of these links is greatly appreciated!


Kristin Leigh & Caroline Andoscia
Art Studio Co-Representatives
Art Department Webpage
PA Art Studio Newsletter
PA Art Studio Webpage

ART DEPARTMENT WELCOME LETTER In case you missed it this week, please click here for the Fine Arts Studio welcome letter from Art AP, Heather Polacik.

When: Monday, 10/2 @ 7:30
Where: Zoom link will be sent out closer to the date

Visiting Artist Coordinator: Help bring professional artists into our classrooms to meet students.
Merchandise Coordinator: Help design, order and maintain art studio merchandise inventory. 

If you have something to contribute or suggest, please email us at

Check out the links above for information about art courses, art events and opportunities, and to read our newsletter. 

Erica Schohn & Joslin Paradise
Dance Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Dance Studio Webpage

First Dance Studio Meeting! 

When: September 20th @ 7:00 PM

Where: Zoom 

Meeting ID: 843 5688 2354

Passcode: 738055

We will discuss goals for this year and we will be looking for volunteers to help build our community. Separately, stay tuned for information about an opportunity to meet your student's dance teachers in October. We look forward to seeing you! 

Sarah Ireland & Sara Brunetti
Drama Studio Co-Representatives
Laguardia HS Drama Studio Webpage

UPCOMING PODS MEETING! Come to our first Parents of Drama Students meeting on September 27th! This meeting will be virtual at 7:30 pm, immediately following the General PA meeting at 6:30 pm. A Zoom link will be provided closer to the date.

SENIOR FAMILIES - SAVE THE DATE This year, all drama seniors will receive FREE headshots courtesy of the Drama Studio PA and Stomping Ground Photo! The shoot date is reserved for 10/21. Please mark your calendars and look for more information in our upcoming newsletter. 

JOIN THE TEAM AND PITCH IN! Want to get involved in the Drama Studio? We have several vital volunteer positions, such as Drama Studio Secretary and Freshman Class Parent Volunteer. Learn more at our first PODS meeting on 9/27. It’s a great way to meet new people and help give back to the LaG community. Join us!

Marcee Smith & Diane Vasquez
Music Studio Vocal Co-Representatives

Rebecca Sherman
Music Instrumental  Representative
LaGuardia HS Music Studio Webpage

Stay up-to-date with the Music Studio

We'd love to connect with you, and the easiest way for that to happen is for you to create an account in Membership ToolKit. When you create an account, you are automatically signed up for communications based on your student's year and studio. This will also ensure that you will receive our weekly Music Monday newsletter, which you don't want to miss because it's full of information. Also, be sure to complete your volunteer preferences so we can contact you when opportunities arise. Please visit our website for more information and past Music Monday issues.

Save the dates: 9/28 and 10/5

Join us for our first meeting of the school year!
When: Thursday, Sept 28th, 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 859 5628 4132
Passcode: 830959

Our second meeting will be in person on Thursday, Oct 5th, 7pm. Stay tuned for more details. 

Rina Cohen Schwarz & Cynthia Solis Yi
Tech Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Tech Studio Webpage
Tech Studio Merchandise

Please create an account  HERE to receive communication from the Tech Studio. When you create an account, you will automatically receive emails based on your student's grade and studio. 

We hope you’ll attend our first Tech Studio POTS meeting on Thursday, Sept 21, 7:15-8:00pm on Zoom. Click HERE to join the meeting.

Please donate to GBen's Donors Choose project for a new drafting plotter.

Beckmann for Teens, Neue Galerie

10/8/23, 3-4 pm. Free but registration is required.
Learn about the turbulent times of war, a young democracy, tech developments and uncertainty that changed the artist's view of the world and art itself. Neue Galerie is a museum for German and Austrian art. 


Jerrianna Phenix

Parent Coordinator

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