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Originally delivered on 9/5/2023 2:01 pm

SUBJECT: SNN 9/3: Special Election, Studio News, and more! (corrected)

Issue 2, September 3, 2023
Special Election for Open Leadership Positions

Monday, September 18th

6:30 PM

Zoom (link to be sent out closer to date)

General Parents Association Meeting

Wednesday, September 27th

6:30 PM

Zoom (link to be sent out closer to date)

General PA Meeting Survey

In order to find a monthly meeting day/time that is convenient to the most people, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. The information will be used to schedule General PA meetings starting in October. Please complete the survey form by NOON onSeptember 13th. If you have any questions, please reach out to

A big thank you to the following volunteers for helping to make New Family Orientation a huge success.

Sara Aros
Jane Berk
Emma Berkowitz
Irica Berkowitz
Diane Bradshaw
Sara Brunetti
Rina Cohen Schwarz
Jake Daehler
Pamela Dower
Carola Grundmann
Sarah Ireland
Maria Ladenheim
Carmen Lamar
Kristin Leigh
Barbette Leonard

Katie Miller
Flavia Orlandi
Josin Paradise
Elizabeth Rueda
Danielle Russo
Gianna Russo
Michele Sachar
Erica Schohn
Rebecca Sherman
Marcee Smith
Cynthia Solis Yi
Veronika Surla
Diane Vasquez
Tauheedah Yasin
Donna Zapin

Open Leadership Positions

Consider serving on the Executive Board of the Parents Association or on the School Leadership Team. The following elected positions are open to anyone with a student currently enrolled at LaGuardia: 

VP of Engagement & Hospitality
VP of Special Education
Senior Class Representative
Junior Class Representative
Sophomore Class Representative
Freshmen Class Representative
SLT Representative (Freshmen)
SLT Representative (Special Education)

The formal description of these volunteer positions can be found in the PA Bylaws. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the positions.

A Special Election meeting will take place on September 18th, 6:30 PM, Zoom.  


We suggest donating $500 to the General PA and $250 to your student's studio. For credit card donations, use the links below. If you are donating to both the General PA and to a Studio, you will need to make two separate transactions. 

General PA
Art Studio
Dance Studio
Drama Studio
Music Studio
Tech Studio

You can also donate by: 

Zelle: Please write in the note section who the donation is from and your students name. 

Check: Please make checks payable to the LaGuardia High School PA and mail checks to: LaGuardia High School Parents Association, 100 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY 10023


Kristin Leigh & Caroline Andoscia
Art Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Art Studio Webpage

We are excited to welcome new families and returning families to the Art Studio. We are the co-representatives on the PA representing the Art Studio for the 2023/24 school year. 

The Art Studio, as a part of the LaGuardia High School Parent Association, is a volunteer led committee focused on events, programming and issues related to the Art Studio. We work with the Art Studio Assistant Principal Heather O’Connell to support all initiatives that benefit the students enrolled in the LaGuardia High School Fine Arts Program. 

We would love for you to join us in the Art Studio! We need help with graphic design, communications, volunteers for Art Studio events, and donations to the Art Studio PA. All of your donations go directly to the Art Studio and support our students. Some areas we support include visiting artists, art supplies including new computers and software to support digital art and animation, field trips etc. 

If you have something to contribute or a suggestion please email us. All Art Studio parents are welcome and encouraged to join.  Please attend our monthly meetings to learn more! The first meeting will be in late September. Be on the lookout for the Zoom Invitation in the next few weeks. 

We look forward to working with you this year! 

Erica Schohn & Joslin Paradise
Dance Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Dance Studio Webpage

Welcome to the 2023-34 school year! Our dancers are so excited to be back in the studios! We're looking forward to getting to know our incoming families and reconnect with those we already know to help build community and support for the Dance department. 

Please stay tuned for more information on our initial in-person Dance Studio meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet the dance teachers, learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities, and buy dance studio merchandise. The meeting will be held in September - exact date and time to follow. 

In the meantime, you can support the Dance Studio financially with a dedicated donation to fund Studio expenses that are not covered by the school or the General PA. These expenses include our in-class live musicians, professional choreographers, and ongoing master classes, none of which are possible without significant parental support. 

We are looking forward to a great year! Please reach out with any questions!

Sarah Ireland & Sara Brunetti
Drama Studio Co-Representatives
Laguardia HS Drama Studio Webpage

We are super excited to welcome in and welcome back Drama students and families! Some of our goals this year are to build community both within our studio and school-wide, create family connection and involvement, and, of course, fundraise to support and build opportunities for our students. 

Our first Parents of Drama Students (PODS) meeting will be held toward the end of September. Come to learn about all the exciting things the 2023-24 school year has in store for the Drama Studio. Stay tuned for more info!

We look forward to meeting you at the New Family Orientation on August 30th! Visit our merch table to meet your Drama Studio Co-reps and other wonderful parent volunteers, and pick up a little something special for your kiddo!

This year, all Drama Seniors will receive FREE headshots courtesy of Stomping Ground Photo! The initial shoot date is saved for 10/21, with a makeup date TBD.We are so excited to be offering this service. Please mark your calendars and look for more information in our September newsletter.

Want to get involved in the Drama Studio? We have several vital volunteer positions, such as Drama Studio secretary and Freshman Class parent volunteer. Learn more at our first PODS meeting. (Date TBA) It’s a great way to meet new people and help give back to the LaG community. Join us! 

Marcee Smith & Diane Vasquez
Music Studio Vocal Co-Representatives

Rebecca Sherman
Music Instrumental  Representative
LaGuardia HS Music Studio Webpage

Rina Cohen Schwarz & Cynthia Solis Yi
Tech Studio Co-Representatives
LaGuardia HS Tech Studio Webpage

Welcome Parents (& Guardians) of Technical Theatre Students (POTS)! We look forward to working with all of you in Tech @ LaG this year. 2023-2024 is going to be technically terrific! 

POTS enhance our students' LaG experience by strengthening our Tech community, staying informed, being involved and showing up. Please sign up for our tech emails through your Membership Toolkit account.  This is our only reliable way to get info directly to you.

We hope you’ll attend our Tech studio POTS meetings, volunteer when possible and donate to the Technical Theatre Studio Appeal.  

If you are interested in getting more involved, we welcome you to consider joining the POTS leadership - just email us.

Our first POTS meeting will be one weekday evening towards the end of September on Zoom - stay tuned for the date/time, and agenda.   The agenda will include hearing updates, discussing collaboration, and learning how we can help support the Technical Theatre Studio needs that are not met by the school, including items such as stage equipment, supplies, external consultants, trips, snacks, and more.

We all look forward to meeting with you virtually and seeing you at performances and other school events in person! To reach out, email:


Jerrianna Phenix

Parent Coordinator

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