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Ways to Give

Your generosity helps the Parents Association minimize the impact of long-standing NYC DOE budget gaps in our children’s education. LaG teachers and administrators work diligently to make the most of their budget, and the LaG PA provides necessary additional resources. 

Donations can be made via links below or by check.  


Donate your time

Whether you’re available once a week, once a month, or once a year, please fill out our volunteer questionnaire so that we can reach out to you when an activity suits you. This will allow you to meet and team up with other LaG families who share your interests in our school. Go to our Volunteer Interests, Skills and Resources form here.


General PA Annual Appeal

Support Our School by giving to the Annual Appeal. Your gifts are needed, fully deductible and very much appreciated!


Public school budgets continue to be cut, which continues to affect LaGuardia High School students. Our Annual Appeal donations are used to fund crucial initiatives that that would not exist without your help, such as:


  • New filtered water fountains (2022)
  • The audition process that allows LaGuardia to find the most talented and academically gifted students from all five boroughs of New York City
  • Graphing calculators, extra textbooks, computer equipment, science lab equipment and supplies
  • Educational consultants for classroom work
  • Support for major school productions
  • Supplemental athletics money for new uniforms, repair or replacement of old equipment, etc.
  • College fairs and the college office, which assists students who need help with
  • College application fees, testing fees, and other related cost

Click HERE to make a donation.  Choose General PA from drop down menu.  



Studio Annual Appeal

In addition to the LaGuardia PA Appeal, every LaGuardia family is also asked to contribute to their child’s individual studio by making a Studio Donation (to Art, Dance, Drama, Music, or Technical Theatre). Studio Appeal donations go directly to support your child’s studio needs.


Whether it’s ballet slippers, a trombone, paint brushes, or nuts and bolts for a new set, our school is unique and requires equipment and supplies other schools just don’t. The Studio Appeal helps provide our students with what is necessary for them to excel in each studio discipline.


Studio donations are completely voluntary—they are not dues. And we appreciate every penny we get.


Click HERE to make a donation.  Choose YOUR STUDIO from drop down menu.  

Donors Choose 

This partnership makes it easy for anyone to help a LaGuardia Arts classroom in need. Our teachers create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.


View LaG teacher projects here.


The LaGuardia High School Parents Association, Inc. (LAGHSPA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Every dollar donated goes directly to fund school and student needs. The funds are allocated by the LAGHSPA Executive Board in cooperation with the school administration, studio and academic assistant principals, teachers and staff, and with the approval of the LaGuardia High School parent/guardian body and the LAGHSPA Executive Board. LAGHSPA funds are managed by our treasurer and assistant treasurer, overseen by the LAGHSPA Executive Board representing the entire parent/guardian body. Additional volunteer treasurers serve LAGHSPA Studio Teams responsible for the management and allocation of their respective Studio’s funds. LAGHSPA reports regularly to the parent/guardian body, the principal, and the DOE. Our financial accounts are audited annually by an outside firm.