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Originally delivered on 10/28/2022 5:24 pm




Students: Please take the
LAGHSPA Rising Stars Student Survey!

Adults: Please send an email to if you or someone you know can offer or find a potential stage/venue and/or if you or someone you know can be a sponsor to cover or help cover rental fees. LaGuardia students need your support to maintain this decades-long tradition!

Dear LaGuardia Families,

The LaGuardia HS Parents Association needs STUDENT feedback regarding Rising Stars, a student-created and student-led production that has been performed onstage at LaGuardia HS since 1990—except for 2021 when we pivoted to the screen because live theater was not possible due to the pandemic, and 2022 when the school's production calendar was too full to accommodate Rising Stars.

Watch these Rising Stars video clips:

2021 promo 1 & 2021 promo 2

(post-produced for The WNET Group’s

2020, 2019, 2018
(onstage in the LaGuardia Concert Hall)

1995 (all-cast curtain call begins at 22:35)

1990 (act from the very first Rising Stars)

Due to a very large senior class and the fact that the shop is under construction, the school's production calendar is full again this year. Rising Stars cannot be performed on a LaGuardia stage during 2022-2023.

Before the pandemic, Rising Stars was
the PA's most successful fundraiser.


2018-2019: $118,241.44

2019-2020: $142,623.00

The sale of tickets, refreshments and merchandise; sponsorships; and donations covered Rising Stars expenses, and contributed toward the financial support the PA provides to the school.

Note: Rising Stars is for ALL students, and they can choose to participate in the selection process in ANY way they like.

IF POSSIBLE, RS2023 will provide the following student opportunities for credit in the Playbill and/or service hours (submission process and exact details to be determined):

Art curator team

Art show exhibitor

Cast, including film submissions

Creative team


House band

Logo design

Merchandise design team

Playbill design, except the cover

Poster design

Production team

PR/social media team

Volunteer team

To help the PA move forward with plans for Rising Stars 2023 (regardless of fundraiser status which is still to be determined), please do the following:

1) Student(s) are invited to complete this survey with their LaGuardia email address so it only records one response per student. They need to sign in to Gmail, but we will not share their identifying information. An anonymous summary of responses will be shared with families and school/DOE staff after the form closes. Please complete the survey by 6 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1.

2) Email us if you or anyone you know can HELP us to find a potential stage/venue within reasonable distance from LaGuardia HS.

3) Email us if you or anyone you know can HELP to cover the expense of a potential stage/venue rental (the cost of union houses can be prohibitive).

Thank you!

LaGuardia HS Parents Association
2022-2023 Rising Stars Committee

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