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Originally delivered on 9/17/2022 8:41 am

SUBJECT: Sunday Night News 8/14/22

Sunday Night News  —  Issue #1
August 14, 2022

NY Emmy® Award Nomination!

Rising Stars 2021:
Behind the Mask

has been nominated for a NY Emmy® Award for "Long Form Content" (longer than 10 minutes) under the “Teen 13-19” category.

What a testament to the incredible cast and crew who persevered during COVID-19 to keep this LaGuardia HS tradition alive! Special thanks to all families, alumni and extended community members who supported us by tuning in and spreading the word!

Please continue to watch and share! Rising Stars was the most-watched video on The WNET Group's platform during 2021. Let's keep our place among the best and brightest featured on AllArts for a second year in a row!!

Thank you for celebrating LaGuardia!

Read the press releases to learn more.

2022-2023 PA Officers

(Executive Board)

Jamie McShane

Acting Treasurer
MaryBeth Trommelen

Recording Secretary
Jeanette Cochrane

Second Vice President - Engagement
and Hospitality
Nadia Surapanpong

Assistant Treasurer
Jeremy Goss

Academic Forum
Joy Bassini
Jane Berk
Joslin Paradise
AnneMarie Tamis-Nasello

There will be an expedited election in the fall to fill these vacant positions (except for the Freshman Representative, who will be elected during the first General PA meeting of the school year):


First Vice President - Communications

Third Vice President - Fundraising

Assistant Secretary

Audit Officer 

Class Representatives (one per grade)

Please join us!

General PA Meeting Survey

We hope you'll join us for our General PA meetings throughout the year!

Please take this briefsurveyto help us identify the best day and time for our parent/guardian body to attend our monthly meetings. The poll asks for your email address because it only counts one response from each parent/guardian. Your can edit your answers at any time until the poll is closed on Thursday, 9/1.

Thank you!

School Leadership Team

"The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who develop educational policies for their school. They also make sure there are resources to support those policies." - New York City Department of Education

Learn more here.

The PA President (who was elected in June) is a mandatory member of the SLT.

In compliance with the LAGHSPA Bylaws, an election for the SLT's Freshman Representative will take place during the first General PA meeting of the school year. The date and time will be the first or second Tuesday evening of September, as determined by this poll, which the school will help the PA to distribute to all parents/guardians.

More information about LaGuardia's School Leadership Team is forthcoming.

PA updates about SLT will be posted here (scroll down to the "School Leadership Team" section).

PA Signup

Welcome! We're excited to share the 2022-2023 school year with you at LaGuardia High School!

At this time, the school is not able to share your contact information with us. To participate fully with the PA and get the most out of your time at LaGuardia, we need you to complete the PA SIGNUP (log in HERE first) on Membership Toolkit (MTK). You can also provide a student's email address or alias if you would like them to receive the Sunday Night News and other PA eblasts directly from the PA (instead of forwarding many messages to them).

After completing your signup, you will begin receiving all PA communications, and you will have access to content on the PA website that is restricted to current LaG families, such as Studio bulletin boards and our Online Directory.

In coming days, incoming families will receive detailed instructions about signing up, and returning families will receive detailed instructions about reviewing the info they previously provided (and recent changes that have been made), and confirming that their signups are complete.

We hope you'll join us!

Thank You for Your Patience

The PA's Communications/Website Team has been working diligently throughout the summer to update and maintain our website, as well as finalize the closure of a website and related accounts we no longer use. This work is ongoing.

We apologize for any inconvenience, including temporary disruption of email addresses and our Online Directory.

If you need to reach PA leadership urgently, please send your message here, and it will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

2022-2023 Bell Schedule







8:00 AM

8:45 AM




8:49 AM

9:34 AM




9:38 AM

10:27 AM




10:31 AM

11:16 AM




11:20 AM

12:05 PM




12:09 PM

12:54 PM




12:58 PM

1:43 PM




1:47 PM

2:32 PM




2:36 PM

3:21 PM




3:25 PM

4:10 PM



** Period 3 has 4 extra minutes to accommodate morning announcements

For more information, please refer to the 8/5/22 "Bell Schedule Update" email message from (Principal) "Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos."

Sports Offerings

from Assistant Principal &
Athletic Director Gregory Brummell

"All students must complete a Medical form, Parental consent form and COVID consent to participate in athletics. All forms must be completed by a parent or guardian, and physician prior to attending the first tryout. Please use the link below to access these forms."

Athletics webpage

Parent Consent Form

Medical Form
(to be completed by a physician)

For more information, please refer to the 7/12/22 "Welcome! The Athletics Director" email message from "Gregory Brummell."

Class of 2023 College Info

If you missed Allison Kleiman's 6/23/22 "Summary of Post-Secondary Resources for the Class of 2023," click here.

Test Prep Offer

Premier SAT/ACT tutoring for an affordable price! Academic Approach provides some of the top test prep courses in the country, and it offers LaGuardia students these courses for 1/3 of the regular price.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Financial assistance available through the Academic Forum. Please send questions about the course or about financial aid to:

NONAFFILIATION, NONFULFILLMENT & NONENDORSEMENT DISCLAIMER: The LaGuardia High School Parents Association Inc (LAGHSPA) and its officers and elected members are not in any way affiliated with the donor, organization or venue (DONOR) offering the PROMOTIONAL OFFER; nor with the producers of the event associated with the PROMOTIONAL OFFER; nor are we responsible for the fulfillment of the PROMOTIONAL OFFER. Furthermore, the promotion by LAGHSPA of the PROMOTIONAL OFFER provided by DONOR, does not constitute endorsement by LAGHSPA and will not be construed to imply that LAGHSPA approves, supports, endorses, or sponsors any product or service provided by DONOR.


LaGuardia families support our teachers by contributing to project requests like these throughout the year. We thank you in advance for your contributions and/or the sharing of these links to help spread the word!!

Thank you to all who helped to fully fund projects for Mrs. Nawrocki, Ms. Healy, Ms. Fischer and Mrs. Lytle so far this summer!

Let’s help these teachers get their projects funded for the new school year (listed in order of fewest days left):

Ms. Steffen would like a new laptop to connect to classroom projectors to display lessons, as well as plan those lessons and units during her prep periods.

Mr. Hold would like to build a Cognitive Psychology library for his students, using foundational texts. (Be the first donor!)

Mx. Shea would like to give their tech students hard hats and tool tethers as personal protective equipment for the next four years.

Ms. Barile would like to give her students Biology Review Books to help them develop effective test taking strategies.

Ms. Haisiadis would like to expand the LGBTQ+ Library for her Gender and Identity class.

Mr. Carbone would like an iPad to give students access to visual examples of score analysis and annotations, a digital music library and music apps.


Please share our DonorsChoose pageAnyone with the link(s) can contribute!


Tuesday, 9/20, 6:30 pm

first or second Tuesday of September, 6 pm


day/time TBD
location/format TBD

day/time TBD
location/format TBD


Teen Academy Imagemakers
International Center of Photography
fee required; need-based scholarships available

apply by 8/19

Free Arts Events

Battery Dance Festival until 8/19
NY State of Opportunity and Battery Park City Authority

Ethel Reed: I Am My Own Property until 8/21
The Utopian Avant Garde: Soviet Film Posters of the 1920s until 8/21

Poster House (free on Fridays)

Heeseop Yoon | Agglomeration until 8/25
The Korea Society (appointment required 24 hrs ahead)

Movies with a View until 8/25
Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Sunset on the Hudson established and emerging NYC-based music artists until 8/26
Hudson River Park

Summer Thunder at Union Pool Sundays 2 pm until 8/28
484 Union Avenue Brooklyn

The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure until 8/31
The National Jazz Museum Harlem

Open (Block) House until 9/7
Institute for Public Architecture on Governor's Island

Rite of Summer Music Festival until 9/10
Governor's Island

Rooftop Films until 9/11
throughout NYC (free w/rsvp)

Shakespeare in the Park until 9/11
The Public Theater

Daily performances until 9/30
Little Island

SummerStage free and benefit events until October
Captial One and City Parks Foundation

Piano in Bryant Park until 10/7
ragtime, stride and jazz 12:30-2:30 pm daily

Picnic Performances @ 7 pm until 10/17
Bryant Park

Virtual Visiting Series Concerts
Concerts in Motion
music of multiple genres and languages
music for those with dementia & their caregivers
music for Holocaust survivors

NYCDOE School Year Calendar 2022-2023

Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Korean and French translations here.


Mental Health Links on our website
Shared by LaG parents and mental health experts, Jennifer Abcug (LCSW) and Sherry Stuart (LCSW).

Child Mind Institute
Video and print resources designed for students. Topics include feelings, thoughts, mindfulness, relaxation and managing intense emotions.

DOE: Affordable Internet

FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

The JED Foundation: Let's Talk NYC

Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health

NYC DOE Parent University Course Catalogue

NYC DOE Mindfulness for Parents Courses

NYPL Money Matters

Join our Team!

To help with any of these initiatives, please

All-School Musical Committee

Athletics Committee

Auction & Gala Committee

Communications / Website Committee

Elections Committee

Fundraising Committee

Movie Night Committee

Parents Night Out Committee

THANK YOU to all who have opted to offer Your Volunteer Interests, Skills and Resources.

THANK YOU to all who have opted to share your Professional Industry while filling out Your Contact Information.

This information helps us identify volunteers for additional special projects.

Community Service Hours

If your student would like to receive a Seal of Recognition for Service on their diploma, 100 hours of community service is required.

1) Students must use their LaGuardia Gmail account to sign up for x2VOL.

2) Students may volunteer with any nonprofit or not-for-profit organization.

3) Students must record a detailed description of their service, including the name and contact info of an adult who supervised their activities.

For more info, please see the x2VOL Help Center and/or email Ms. Hobot.

Membership Toolkit

MTK is an all-in-one software solution for the PA's many initiatives, including our custom website, communications, donations, family directory, volunteer signups, online sales & fundraising, private bulletin boards and more.

To receive PA & Studio communications, and to gain access to restricted content on our website, please follow these steps:

1)Create a login.

2)Complete family info required fields.

3)Select your Online Directory preferences.

Note: If you don't see two green circles with check marks on this pagebe sure you've completed all steps above.

TIPS: You must click "NEXT STEP" (bottom right corner of the "Your Contact Information" page), and then you must click "SAVE" (bottom right corner of the "Student Information" page).

For assistance, please reach out to

Multilingual Learners

DOE supports and resources are here.

Student Government

Students can connect with the LaG Student Government Organization (SGO) by following @SGOLAG on Instagram.

Student Working Papers

Once both the Application for Employment and Health Examination Form have been completed, please log in to your LaGuardia Gmail account (only students can access the documents), and fill out the Google Form, where you will be asked to upload these documents along with your birth certificate and student ID card/passport.

Application for Employment

Health Examination Form

Working Papers Google Form

Notes: Your doctor must use the health form above, and it must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered valid. You must be logged in to your LaGuardia Gmail account in order to access the Google Form.

Who to Contact at School

This link will guide you to the appropriate school employee for specific questions.

LaG Virtual Study Groups

LagPods collaborative virtual peer study groups are led by LaG National Honor Society members.

During 2021-2022, this free program included over 150 students in 21 academic subjects as well as SAT and ACT test prep. Many students participated in Pods in more than one subject area.

Please contact with any questions or feedback.


This is a free service provided by the United Federation of Teachers. Licensed educators advise Grades K-12 students and/or their parents in all subjects, Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm (when school is in session). Assistance is available in these languages: Armenian, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog.

Call 212-777-3380.

Khan Academy

This nonprofit strives to offer "a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere."

Help Center


NYPL Brainfuse HelpNow

This is a free eLearning service for all provided by the New York Public Library. Live tutors are available online every day between 2 pm and 11 pm EST for these subjects: math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP and state standardized tests. Additional offerings include a 24-hour Writing Lab and Foreign Language Lab / Spanish-Speaking Support.

You must have a library card to begin.

Click here for more info.

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