Mental Health Resources

The LaGuardia Parent Association is committed to supporting our teenagers mental health and each other.  Below are several resources to help.

Understanding Feelings, Relaxation Skills, Understanding Thoughts, Managing Intense Emotions and Mindfulness

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Positive Parenting Tips:


Eating Disorder Recovery Webinar & Classes — BALANCE eating disorder treatment center (


Support for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse:


Five Questions to Ask to Help Your Child Problem Solve


How To Talk to Your Teen (Cleveland Clinic)


Communicating With Your Child (Child Mind Institute)


When To Talk To Your Teen


How to Meditate by David Gelles @ The New York Times


Dealing With Uncertainty in the Face of Omicron by Caroline Miller @ Child Mind Institute


Anxiety over School Shootings by Rachel Ehmke @ Child Mind Institute


How to talk with your child about the War in Ukraine (American Academy of Pediatrics)


Your kids are hearing about the war in Ukraine (The Washington Post)


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Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events





Who to Contact at LaG

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