Meeting Minutes

General PA September 2020                                                  EB Meeting September 2021

General PA November 2020                                                  EB Meeting October 2021

General PA December 2020                                                  EB Meeting November 2021

General PA January 2021                                                      EB Meeting December 2021

General PA February 2021                                                    EB Meeting January 2022

General PA March 2021                                                          EB Meeting February 2022

General PA April 2021                                                             EB Meeting March 2022

General PA May 2021                                                            EB Meeting April 2022

General PA June 2021                                                          EB Meeting May 2022

General PA October 2021                                                    * EB Meeting June 2022

General PA November 2021

General PA December 2021

General PA January 2022

General PA February 2022

General PA March 2022

Emergency PA Meeting March 23 2022

General PA April 2022

General PA May 2022

 * General PA May 31 2022



* These minutes will be approved at first meeting of 2022-2023 school year

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