Colgate University

This event is virtual and will require you to log in from your own device in order to meet with the representative from this post-secondary institution. These sessions are intended to help you learn more about the school without needing to travel. It is a great way to show demonstrated interest, ask personalized questions, and connect directly with the person who will likely eventually be reading your application. 

If you are comfortable having your camera on, you are encouraged to do so. These sessions are private for the LaGuardia community and are usually run by the territory manager who reads applications from our school. While parents/guardians might be in the room since you may be logging in from home, the sessions are designed for students to be the intended audience. Don't forget to mute your mic when you aren't speaking. 

These sessions are hosted by the colleges/schools. If a last minute change occurs and the rep is unable to hold the session, don't worry. It normally will either be rescheduled or the rep can be contacted by email to make sure your questions get answered.
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 6:00pm – 6:45pm